YouTube Advertising.

YouTube is the largest video website and the second largest search engine in the world. Every month, the website is visited by a billion people who watch many millions of hours of video per day. YouTube has a broad target audience and, in the US, it has a greater reach in the 18-49 target group than traditional cable TV. It is likely that your target audience can also be found here!

  • Ensure good video content
  • Exploit all of YouTube’s advertising options
  • Assess on the basis of clear KPIs

Why advertise on YouTube?

Advertising on YouTube increases the visibility of your brand. YouTube is a particularly good branding channel for the increase of brand engagement or marketing of a brand. In addition, you can reach a group of viewers continuously with new video ads (video remarketing). This allows you to tell a story.

Because ‘YouTubers’ can choose whether they want to finish watching an ad, increasingly creative ad content is being created. Engaging with the target audience and making the ad more specific and attractive is important when appealing to the target audience. Good ad content is, therefore, essential for a successful campaign.

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