Digital Marketing Minus The Jargon

Charging like a wounded bull is not my style. Find out how I build long-standing client relationships.

Unlimited Project Revisions

Say goodbye to billable revisions. It’s only fair that your design or website is exactly how you want it to be. That’s why I don’t charge for making a small change, even after the site goes live.

Business Visits Done Right. Every time.

Every business is unique and that’s why I make sure I spend time getting to know it. When we work together you’ll see me in your office, working on your project. My aim is to drop in and work for a few hours each week (desk permitting)!

Flexibility That Suits You. And Me.

We all know that you can’t predict the future. Sometimes last minute campaigns mean you need a freelancer with a flexible schedule. The best part of being a freelancer is setting your own hours. By not being bound to the classic 9-5, I can work after hours and weekends to get your work sorted.