My origins lie in e-commerce, and measurable results are very important. I work together with my clients, we make business cases to achieve our objectives. To do this, I don’t just look at online marketing campaigns, but also think about website performance, proposition and cross-media effects.


Measuring, testing, analysing and optimising Online Marketing is what I do every day, so it is crucial that I keep up with the most important developments in the digital landscape.

The SOSTAC model

Online strategy requires a holistic approach. That is why I work on the basis of the proven SOSTAC model. I map out your online strategy using the following six essentials:

  • Situation: Where are we now?
  • Objectives: Where do we want to be?
  • Strategy: How do we get there?
  • Tactics: How exactly do we get there?
  • Actions: What is our plan?
  • Control: Are we achieving our goal?

Strategic advice

The SOSTAC model’s first three essentials (situation, objectives, and strategy) form the basis the strategic advisory report. In this advisory report, I look at your target demographics, competitors, current marketing mix, and business objectives, and I advise you on which steps to take to achieve your long-term objectives.

We then detail this advice in an operational plan. This operational plan includes your online strategy’s tactics, actions, and control. It describes, specifically, how your strategy objectives can be realised. In the report, I describe the use of channels, planning, and measurement, and I plan how to measure and control the objectives. This broad approach ensures that your organisation’s operations are in line with the strategy.

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