Hello, my name is Patricio.

I am a real estate consultant with vast experience in the Amsterdam housing market. My past experience also covers; ecommerce data marketing strategist with 8+ years of international experience in the fashion and FMGC industries

I’m glad you’re here.


I am a real state consultant with vast experience in the Amsterdam housing market.

The digital marketing landscape is changing by the day. Each week a new marketing technology is introduced. A new method to reach your customers. One challenge that comes with this is confusion around how to start. Confusion about where your customers are now hiding. What platform they are using and how to approach getting them digitally engaged and ultimately through your doors.

I’ve seen first hand big organisations overwhelmed by digital marketing.

They’ve struggled to keep up and are left throwing their arms in the air. The worst part? Today’s businesses know that digital is king. That if they don’t go digital and move with the times, they’ll be left holding onto their existing clients for dear life and hoping for the best. For the most part, business leaders approach agencies wanting the silver bullet to cure their digital woes. With some agencies producing the goods, other ill-intentioned ones fall short. Charging to build this business relationship, the ill-intentioned dock their clients for things such as email correspondence with account managers, meetings, expensive discovery sessions and phone calls. Then, the unexpected happens. The business owner is then left throwing their hands in the air, again. But this time for a completely different reason. A hefty bill consisting of high expenses in account management fees and no leads. If this sounds like a familiar place for you, I get it. I’ve worked in both fantastic agencies and some ill-intentioned ones and I now know how important honest and authentic business conversations are.

This is what has motivated me to become an independent strategist.

I have learned the change I can provide to organisations like Unilever, adidas, and other as an employee and I would like to help other businesses of all sizes to adapt and grow digitally. I believe that doing this as an external consultant will give me that entrepreneurial freedom and ultimate speed to generate that needed change that sometimes organisational big structures and needed bureaucracy delays. I am here to build long standing relationships with my clients, at an honest price tag. My aim is to simplify the complex and help business understand digital marketing, one way or another. My focus is on building honesty and trust first and then letting the rest takes care of itself (including those confusing digital reports). I’m looking forward to working with you in the future.

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